Meet the Messy Musselmans

Did you ever play that silly name game at summer camp or in Elementary School P.E. class? The one where you all stand in a circle and everyone picks an adjective that starts with the same letter as their name, in hopes it helps you remember who everyone is. I always hated that game. I never could pick a "J" adjective that accurately described who I was.  But now that I wear several hats and spin a million plates at all times, I think I've found the perfect adjective to introduce myself to you...

Hi, I'm Juggling Jessica! If you haven't guessed it by now I am the momma bear of my messy Musselman clan. God blessed me with my husband, George, our sweet son, Calvin, and we are expecting our daughter, Kennedy, this coming December. We have a super silly poodle named Rusty. He is a rescue and has been my little buddy for over 9 years. My back ground is in TV News. After earning my degree in Broadcasting, I worked as a Producer and a Traffic Reporter for about 4 years before transitioning into owning my own business. I launched my health and wellness business in 2014 and have since developed a passion for helping others feel better, look better and become the best version of themselves. I am also a self-taught Makeup Artist and love helping women feel beautiful! Momtrepreneur to the max over here! 

Meet Generous George. He is the love of my life. Generous is the perfect word to describe George. He's basically the Prince Charming you read about in fairy tales. Handsome, hard-working, open, eager to always be learning, and he has a huge heart for Jesus. I am grateful to God daily for making him my husband. I believe our marriage works so well becasue we keep God at the center of it and we strive to be a team in all that we do. George is a Financial Advisor by day, Male Model on the side, and Super Hero Daddy to Calvin in every ounce of his free time.  I told you he was a pretty awesome dude!


Meet Charismatic Calvin. You guys, I had no idea an 18 month old could be so full of personality! This little blondie is my first born and I am more in love with him than I ever thought possible. Mommas, you know the feeling, I'm sure? Best feeling ever! My blue-eyed boy has a habit of hugging everyone he sees, eating every piece of fruit he can get his hands on, and being super duper active outdoors no matter how hot it is outside (Did I mention we live in Texas... when I say hot outside, I mean hot! Hence the sweaty little cutie pie pictured below.). 


And coming soon... Kind Kennedy or maybe will she be Keen Kennedy, or even Kookie Kennedy! I guess we will know soon. Sweet Kennedy Joan is due to join our family in December of 2018.

I'd love to meet YOU! Who are YOU? What adjective describes YOU and your beautiful mess?