Tomorrow We Meet

To My Sweet Daughter,

Tomorrow both of our lives will change forever. Tomorrow will be your birthday. Tomorrow I will be given a daughter. Tomorrow you will officially join our family. And I just cannot wait to meet you!

I cannot wait to see what you look like. I cannot wait to hold you and love on you. I cannot wait to watch your personality develop. I cannot wait to watch you blossom into a beautiful little girl, a sassy teenager, then into a strong, incredible woman. I just know The Lord has huge plans for you.

I cannot wait to watch Calvin become a big brother. Over these past few months, he has loved going into your room and holding your tiny shoes. He loves kissing my belly and talking to his “baby dis-der”. You guys will have your moments, I know. But I want you to know that he has loved you so much from the very beginning. He is going to love you fiercely and protect you with everything he has. You two are so blessed to have each other.

I cannot wait to watch your Daddy hold you for the first time. He is going to absolutely fall in love the moment he sees you. You are his first and only daughter, his everything. You, Sweet Girl, are so blessed to have him as your daddy. He is strong and brave and will do anything for me, your brother and for you. He loves us all so much. There are not many men like him, and my heart could not be happier that he is your role model for what a man should be. I pray that you look to his example when you begin to date and search for your partner in life.

I cannot wait to watch you develop your relationship with Christ. I cannot wait to watch how you run after Jesus. You have been prayed over since the moment your daddy and I found out about you. There is a village of people who have prayed for your health, happiness and your heart for Jesus. You have been created to love The Lord, and I know you will grow to be a kind, caring, and loving person. God is going to do great things in your life, and I feel so honored to be apart of it.

I cannot wait to be your Momma. Your daddy and I know God made you just for us, just for our little family.

Until tomorrow, my sweet Kennedy. I love you.


Jessica MusselmanComment