Maintaining Business Through a Life Change

Have you ever experienced a big life change? I’m pretty sure we all have. I know I have. Plenty of times. A new baby, a move to a new city, a career change, a marriage, a graduation... there are countless life events that can happen. All of them can impact your business. If your like me, you depend on your income right?! So you have to find a way to work through these life changes and just keep swimming (if Dory can, we can!).

Heading into 2019 having just undergone a huge life change - the birth of my sweet little Kennedy Joan - meant I needed to really recommit and refocus on my business. But having to care for a newborn on top of my awesomely-energetic toddler, made me question how I was going to maintain my business, let alone grow it. So I sat down and figured out a few steps to help myself succeed during a big life event. They helped me during this big change, so I wanted to share them with you.

There are three main things I encourage you to focus on when you experience a life change: Maintain. Grow. Recommit.


  • Keep up communication with your client base however you can. Email, text, monthly newsletter, whatever... use the same method you were using before the life event happened so it is second nature and doesn’t add stress to your life.

  • Keep up with your social media accounts. Try to continue posting once a day! Share about the life event. And always be authentic!

  • Keep up to date with what’s happening in your business. For me, that means staying plugged into my team, as well as staying connected to my company’s Home Office.


  • Keep growing yourself. I suggest committing to read 10 pages a day from a book that grows you. I love Personal Development books (I am currently reading “The Best Yes”, some of my past favorites are “Girl, Wash Your Face”, “You Are A Badass”, “Funny Side Up” and “On Fire”).

  • Use your situation for new connections. Get creative! For me, that meant checking out some new Mom Groups on FaceBook, giving a breastfeeding club a try at the hospital, and connecting with other friends who have new babies too…because is it just me or did everyone have a kid in the past 8 weeks?!


  • Recommit to your business goals. I am sure you don’t want to remain stagnant, I know I don’t! I suggest sitting down and revisiting your business plan as well as your small and big goals.

  • Recommit to your why. This is especially important during a life event becasue if you aren’t careful, that life event can become your excuse for not having the time or energy to grow you business. However, if you remain focused on why you are a Super Woman Momtrepreneur then it will be easier to do what you need to do on days when you just don’t feel like it.

One last suggestion: I strongly encourage you to find a support person who believes in you and will push you to keep going. They can help you stay committed on the hard days. They can celebrate with you on the great days. They can remind you of your dreams when you seem to have forgotten them. Having someone hold you accountable is game changing.

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