Work it, Super Momma!

Hey Momma! First, I'd like to say YAY YOU. You are motivated, you are goal-oriented, you are on a mission, you are working for your family! Whether you are growing a business, a hard-working employee, or the CEO of your household, you are making a difference. 

What do you do? What makes you feel like the Super Momma you are? Becasue, you do know that YOU ARE a Super Momma right??

You guys, it took me forever to realize I am worthy of calling myself a Super Momma. Most days I feel like I am barley getting by. Between work and laundry, entertaining my toddler, running a growing business, and being a wife sometimes I don't know how to make it though the day. BUT at the end of every day, I can rest in the knowledge that I took care of my family, I did something to propel my business forward and most importantly I took time to enjoy the little things. 

Tell me, Super Momma, what do you celebrate your little, daily victories?