Quick Makeup Look

Hey friends! On days when my mess really takes over and I literally have 7 minutes to somehow look halfway decent... this is my go-to quick makeup look! 

My top tip is to always, always, always start with a clean canvas - wash your face and use good skincare. I'm partial to using a good Makeup Primer too. I really notice a difference in the longevity of my makeup when I have a Primer underneath my foundation. Give it a try if you haven't! 

To apply foundation, a brush is my go-to tool. Sponges always seem to drink up half of my liquid foundation, plus its basically impossible to keep them clean. And I love the way a foundation brush distributes foundation over the skin. As most of you know, mommas tend to deal with daily messes and sometimes don't sleep enough... so concealer is my BFF! I slap some on to cover up the lovely bags that seemed to have permanently moved in under my eyes. I use a concealer brush to blend the product in.

After you get your foundation on, everything else is just the detailing! A matte bronzer will add some dimension- its a simple way to contour. I use a small taper brush and make slight curved motions from the inner ear over towards the corner of my lips. Layer a little blush over that and your cheeks are done!

I love using a brow pencil to shape my eyebrows. Using a soft pencil makes it super easy to do quick shaping. Don't over think it. Remember, your brows are sisters, not twins. 

Eyes can be as easy or complicated - it just depends on what you have time for. For this look, I did a quick coat of eye primer and kept it simple by using just two shadow colors. One of my favorite quick tips is for eye liner... I use a very soft pencil so I can throw some on along the lash line, then smudge it around with a small flat brush for a semi-smoky look. This makes it seem like I tried really hard to do cool smoky eyes, but it only takes about 30 seconds! Finish with a coat or two of mascara, a swipe of lip gloss and your ready to go!

Watch the makeup video here.

Simple 2.jpeg
Simple 1.jpeg